Steve Desroches and Chuck Sweeney

Steve Desroches (48) talks to Chuck Sweeney (61) about his time performing as a drag queen in Provincetown, Massachusetts in the 1980s and again over the past five years, in particular as his signature character Peggy Lee.

Soren Glassing and Fran Heller

Colleagues and friends Soren Glassing (57) and Fran Heller (64) talk about the experience of working together in a hospital palliative care unit throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They reflect on unpreparedness, grief, healing, and the therapeutic power of art.

Jacob Waltuck and Lily Lipman

Jacob Waltuck (30) speaks with Lily Lipman [no age given] about his passion for acting, writing, and the arts. He speaks about what it was like growing up with autism as a kid, how he hopes his work raises the...

Brady Montas and Sarah Jaskowiak

One Small Step participants Sarah "Sally" Jaskowiak (52) and Brady Montas (42) talk about how their political views were formed, whether the 2016 US Presidential Election changed their views of politics, and how living in New York City affected each...

Tassia Tkatschenko and Nancy Dunne Byington

Tassia Tkatschenko (39) and her mother, Nancy Dunne Byington (66), share a conversation about their family, the communities they have lived in, and their careers in naturopathic medicine and psychiatric nursing. They also discuss how capitalism is impacting the environment...

Patricia Rich and Michael Silverberg

Michael and Patricia talk about their good fortune and good life together, after both losing their spouses. Each has a rich family, personal, and professional history that shaped their lives and appreciation for what they have now.

Lynda Grose and Cecil Johnson

One Small Step partners Lynda Grose (62) and Cecil Johnson (58) discuss their relationships to family and consider how their backgrounds have influenced their political views.