My Interview with my Dad talking about how he raised me and if he should have done anything different.

In this interview, conducted in April 30 2021 in Newport Beach, California, I(19) interview my Dad (49) about his life and what he thinks about his parenting skills. He speaks about how he has questions if he should have raised...

Story’s of Nat Stowe Harty

We talked about my papa’s life, and history. This includes family, traditions, career choices, and baseball.

Joseph Seager and A. Hart

Joseph "Joe" Seager (55) talks to his friend and colleague, A. "Christian" Hart (56), about how his childhood and upbringing shaped his career path. He discusses his years of teaching at an alternative school, his transition into real estate, and...

Growing up in a California town and loving life in Orange County

Grandparents history and parents lives . High school romance and marriage . Teaching life and volunteer life. Stories about Phil. Legacy wishes.

Ava Steaffens and Jessica Prechtl

Growing up in Miami as Cuban and French Canadian first-generation immigrant and life on Balboa Penninsula.

Religion Project

We discussed who in my grandmothers life impacted her the most and how her job was a reflection of the way she lives her life.