Dad and Me

My dad Ryan Thompson (43) and me Madelyn Thompson (16) talked about fun and funny stories and memories from him past and me growing up.

Ai Choo Kong – A Life of Resiliency and Compassion

Ai Choo Kong (“Lovely Pearl”), age 84, interviewed by her daughter, Lin Min Kong (“Bright Forrest”), age 52, about her life growing up in Malaysia, including enduring the Japanese occupation, emigrating to the US, and living in rural North Carolina....

Alexander Hall and Sarah Cain

Alexander "Alex" Hall (75) shares memories of growing up in Wilmington, North Carolina, with his daughter, Sarah Cain (45).

Blaine Paxton Hall Shares His Thoughts About the Complex Task of Finding Home

Blaine Paxton Hall conveys his experience of “finding home” as, not only settling into Fearrington Village in March of 2010, but also as coming of age in a children’s home in Woodstock, Illinois and of feeling at home within his...

Karen Lennon and her Army coed basic training experience

In 1977, Karen enlisted in the U.S. Army and underwent eight weeks of basic training in one of the first coed classes. For the first time, women were expected to meet the same standards as the male students. Karen shares...