A Life Like Ours

Me and my family talked about everything. Ourselves growing up, where we are from, what we did growing up. Our favorites like television shows, music, and movies. We talked about memories, mainly happy memories because we’re cryers. At least, me...


This is a recording of me asking my boyfriend a few of the suggested questions.

A’miya Betts with her grandpa Kimmie Montgomery talking about his journey through life and a few of his values as well

In this interview, recorded in November 2018 in Flint, Michigan, A’miya Betts (15) interviewing her grandpa Kimmie Montgomery (59). She asked her grandpa many questions about his life and what his values were. He shares many stories about his childhood...

November 25, 2018
Talking with Grandma Carolyn

I had a conversation with my Grandma about how and why life and food has changed in Stanly and Union Counties of NC throughout her life. There is also the occasional input from her dog, Sissy and my mom, Cynthia.

Papa and Me

We talked about how he learned that it’s important to enjoy life, because we won’t be here forever. He also talked about how family is the most important thing in life.

My Papa

My grandmother and I briefly talk about my great grandfather(her dad) and how he impacted so many peoples lives including our own.