A Talk With My Mom About Her Immigrant Parents and Her Childhood

Get to listen to my mom talk about her parents’ lives in Hungary, their immigration, and her childhood!!


I interviewed my teacher because she’s an amazing woman who I believe is worth listening to.

Story of the Hess Family

I Interviewed my grandfather, Bruce Hess, about his family and life back when he was younger. We talked about how his family was created and the stories he had about them. We also talked about how the world is today...

Interviewing my mom

I decided to interview my mom to learn a little more about her

Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about what my dad likes about his job and what he doesn’t like about his job. We also talked about what my dad does in his job.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview

I interviewed my mom about many different topics. I got to know more things I didn’t know about her.

So I Guess God Gave Me Brothers

Me and my grandmother talked about some things that I didn’t know about her.