Suzannah Bianco and Nathalie Ingram

Nathalie Ingram (52) and former Olympic teammate Suzannah Bianco (47) describe the early days as athletes and their Olympic careers as "artistic swimmers," which was formerly known as Synchronized Swimming.

Compassion Blog Listening Interview
November 9, 2020 App Interview

My dad gives me a description of how I was as a child and how I have changed. He then gives me some excellent advice

Vince Felgar, Brian Felgar, and Erin Felgar

Vince Felgar (72) talks to his children Brian Felgar (43) and Erin Felgar (38) about growing up in California but moving to Las Vegas at an early age, about his memories of Vegas as a child, getting married, and having...

Josh and Mum!

In this interview i ask my mum some questions that I have never gone into detail with her about before.

Core Mark

This interview was about working at Core Mark a distribution for small convenient stores. Deetrick in particular pull orders from shelves and makes sure theres no order left behind.

20 life questions

What was talked about was past choices and memories till now

Interview with older sister
December 10, 2018 App Interview

We didn’t go as into depth as we should of but we got some thing that I’ve always wanted to know and it brought up new memories of when we were younger.