interviewing Basant Bohnan

We discussed some questions that teaches people more about us and things we love sharing with others about our ethnicity/religion.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Kaylee Simpkins

My father talks about his experience as a child, and how he has grown to who he is today.

Interview with my mom Marnie Weinmann about her childhood and life experiences

In this interview, Marnie Weinmann talks with her daughter Katie about growing up in Rochester. She shares her experiences with school and college, as well as how she became a teacher. She also shares some of her favorite things and...

Me and My Mother
November 30, 2021 App Interview

In conclusion, this is an interview with my mother whom I love very much.

Timothy Duggan’s Interview

My Dad is a retired veteran in the army and served for almost 30 years, he grew up in buffalo and has had a very interesting life. He went to college at Cornell and was a vet for a short...

Mary Ana’s childhood oceansideschool4

I ask my grandma about her childhood and life we did make some mistakes but we made some memories.

My grandma, Cheryl Grashow

I asked my grandma about her life and how she lived it.

Memories from Dad

Grace Costello asks father, Robert Costello, about growing up in Brooklyn, NY in the 1960s

Interview with Leandro Sosa, My Dad

My dad remembering the people in his life who have impacted him, his proudest achievements, lessons he shared and learned, and sharing his wisdom on life and financial stability.