Interview with dad

Dad he was trying hard to be professional

Ben and his dad, Joel

In this interview, I was able to sit down with my dad and further my knowledge about him as a person.

Nanny and Gramp
May 17, 2022 App Interview

Having a conversation with my grandparents, Tom and Sharon Kidd

Sojourner Truth Project: Akron Senior Summit

Learning about and discussing the impact of the Sojourner Truth Statue. Celebration and challenges for standing up for others.

Interview with Ms.Lindsay

A high school senior interviews her dance teacher. We learn about the happier times with her family. We get to know teachers as people and not someone throwing information at us.

Fran Young and Paul Young

Married couple, Fran Young (68) and Paul Young (72), recall stories and events that lead them to becoming international teachers, traveling to many countries, culture shocks, and navigating life in Springfield, Missouri after traveling abroad.