I interviewed Victor and Maddie who share their story about their open adoption of 19 months old girl Maxine.

Jim Sayers and Donna Prizgintas

Jim Sayers (77) and Donna Prizgintas talk about his memories of growing on a farm in Humboldt, Iowa, the transition of the farm through generations and his hope for the future of the land and his family.

Oral History of the Sixties Interview

Izzy Ruffer (16) and Brooklyn Collins (17) talk with Izzy's grandpa, David Ruffer (86) about his childhood, life experiences, education, and general life during the 1960's.

Daniel Stephens's US History 1960's Oral History Project (Janak P6)

For my interview, I had a conversation with my grandmother Barbera Monnin. My grandmother was born in 1942 and she is currently 81 years old. We talked a lot about what he life was like growing up, what it was...

My moms childhood

I interviewed my mom because I am close with her and I wanted ti learn more about her childhood. I hope to get to know my mom more and where she came from.

Memories with Radio Sibs

Holly Haze interviews her brother Fast Eddie Coyle. Both radio DJs with great stories and more to come.

Amada Matei and Joseph Ernst

One Small Step Partners Amada Matei (48) and Joseph "Joey" Ernst (40) discuss their backgrounds, livelihoods, interests, and political identities. They reflect on their shared value of curiosity and consider past experiences connecting across political differences.