Recording – 12-02-2023 20:22:08

My name is Bisma Naveed and the person I interviewed is my sister in law. In this interview I asked her about her life.

StoryCorps DIY Sharing

The interview was led by Zyann Chadwick and she is 19 years old. The person being interviewed was Amber Chadwick and she is 39 years old.

The Story of Hmong People

I’m hear today with my dad and he’ll be sharing the story of Hmong people.

College Success Interview
November 6, 2023 App Interview

Today is Sunday, November 5th, 2023. I decided to interview my Mother for my class assignment. She always seems to have wisdom and great things to say so I felt she would be a great candidate.

1990 First Tme International Student

This is a recording of my dad who explained his first experience traveling internationally as a graduate student in the U.S.

Mother growing up in Colombia

My mother Alcira (56) and I Vanessa (18) discussed about how and when she got to the U.S. We also talked about her funny, wild and interesting life when she was growing up in the beautiful country of Colombia!

Interviewing my sister

I interviewed my 10 year old sister Lily and I asked questions about me and her life

Talk with My Sister

This is an interview with Ruth Folly, someone who has been an inspiration to me my entire life and someone who I look up to. The topics were what she was proud of and her take on life.

Interview With Scott Newbrough

This is an interview conducted by me (Callie Newbrough) with my dad (Scott Newbrough). He’s experienced many things and learned a lot. His experience reflects the time of generation x and our similarities and differences.