Rosie Friedrich interviews her Grandpa Bruce about his family

Rosie Friedrich interviews her Grandpa Bruce Friedrich about his childhood in Bessie and Clinton, OK. Grandpa Bruce shares stories of his father's 6 siblings, and all of the cousins that he grew up with. He tells Rosie that he and...

Story Corps Optional Project

We discussed life experiences. And how we live our lives for the future.

Rose Friedrich and Bruce Friedrich.

Bruce Friedrich (84) talks with his granddaughter Rose Friedrich (14) about his experiences from growing up on a farm to getting a phd in chemistry.

Rosie interviews Grandpa Bruce Friedrich

Rosie Friedrich (14) talks with her Grandpa Bruce Friedrich (84) about growing up in Bessie, OK. Grandpa Bruce shares stories about his "Trigger Club", where no girls were allowed, and other tales from his childhood in western Oklahoma.

Interviewing my dad

I asked my dad questions about growing up and different things in life

A Peek Inside a 10 Year-Old’s Brain

Joe is your average ten-year-old third grader who loves playing video games and pranking his sister. Joe entered a chaotic family of five at two and a half days old as a foster child and was adopted at two and...

Charlotte “Nammy” Taylor

Jenna Fisher, Lauren Martin, and Brandon Taylor interview their 85 year old grandmother. They grew up living next door to Nammy and Papa in Oklahoma. They ask her questions about hardship growing up in the panhandle of Oklahoma and turn...