KayDince Beach and her grandma, Cheryll Linck talk about life and it’s adventures in Lincoln City, Oregon.

In this interview, conducted in November 2020 in Lincoln City, Oregon, KayDince Beach (16) interviews her grandma, Cheryll Linck (62) about her life and its adventures. KayDince's grandma shares what person is most important to her and the experiences of...

Mother’s childhood story

My mother discusses a story from her childhood where she lived in Corvallis, Oregon.

Father of two is in a happier place after moving to Portland

I interviewed my father, we talked a lot about his life growing up, his life with me and my sister in the picture, what’s happening now, and a little bit about what he plans to do in the future

My Mom is an McDonald’s Monopoly Winner.

I interviewed my mom about her childhood and how it was like. We talked how her life was in Redland. Go to this time stamp to hear what she had won. 2:17

Interviewing my dad about himself and past family.

Mentionings of his parents, traditions, my brother and myself. My dad talking about his abusive parents, and how he went through it 9:00 to 19:45

Do It And See What Happens

Today I interviewed my oldest friend Riley. I am an only child and he has become the closest thing I have to a brother, so naturally we are very close. In this interview Riley tells the story of his family...

Our Thanksgiving interview

We were talking about lots of stuff that has to do with thanksgiving