Interview with my dad José Rosario.

This is the great listen for 2021. Today, on November 28, 2021, I interviewed my father, José Rosario. We discussed his childhood and his biggest dreams. Jose gave us an insight on immigrants leaving their life behind for a new...

"My childhood was not at all scheduled"

My mom tells me about her experience growing up living in a small town on the Oregon coast

Your life questions

Questions for my mom about her life and growing up.

The Great Proposal

In 1999, my dad took my mother up to Oregon for the week. Little did she know, she would return engaged!


Interviewing my mom who has raised me mostly as a single mom.

Bryce Shortt and his grandpa talk about the military and his childhood in New York City

In this interview, conducted on November 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia, Bryce Shortt(12) interviews his grandpa about his childhood and life in the military. His Grandpa shares stories about his childhood and day to day life in the military. At the...

Bo Bartlett and Betsy Eby

Spouses Bo Bartlett (65) and Betsy Eby (54) sit down for a conversation about how their respective childhood homes have influenced who they are today, the inspiration behind each of their artistic styles, and the role that the Bo Bartlett...

Kerri Smith and Tana Paddock

One Small Step conversation partners Kerri Smith (50) and Tana Paddock (48) talk about the media, what it means to be a "minarchist libertarian", and how to bridge political divides.