Life Lessons from my Mom

In this interview I asked my mom about how her life was as a child and about where she thought she would be now. As life is unexpected and can take many turns, she shared advice as to what to...

Listening Interview – Christopher Ribeiro – Lorenzo Romano

I interviewed my roommate, Enzo Romano. He is a graduating senior, as I am, and has been one of my best friends since attending Rollins. I interviewed him because he has been someone that has always had my back and...

Justin Kennedy and the bill mafia

I wanted to understand how a guy I met from Georgia became a Buffalo bills fan.

Thoughts regarding Covid-19

A simple, yet personal account of Covid-19 by Marcello Aedo a UCF student from Miami, FL.

Your job

We talked about my stepdads favorite parts, and how he got to his job.

Sassan Guilani talking about managing to build the Orlando Basketball Stadium and Entertainment Arena

My dad talks about his process on constructing the Orlando Magic Stadium. He explains how it was done and how he felt once it was achieved.

Dylan Lemma – Interview with my dad.

We talked about what my father has seen in his life, and the unfortunate experiences from the years spent in the military and in law enforcement, and what he was most grateful for.