My mother

My mother and I talked about her childhood and the memories she has. We also talked about her hopes for me through life

Casey and Samantha

We talked about the differences regarding living in two different areas (VA and PA). We also talked about family life.

March 19, 2018 app
Mom’s Life 18-23

The first and smaller part of the interview with Mom about her life after high school and before I was born.

March 19, 2018 app
Mom’s Life 18-23 part 2

I never knew much about my mom’s life after high school and before I was born. This really helped me to learn about that part of her life and caused me to learn more Han I was expecting.

March 18, 2018 app
A Story that Inspires Hope and Happiness

Conducting an Interview on my fellow coworker who has had a positive impact in my life, her positive mindset has the ability to reach many that come in contact with her

March 13, 2018 app
Ron & Bev Ferguson

They told me a lot about thier life together and Ron in the war. Also about the differences in generations.

An Interview With Lois

My new friend Lois tells stories about her childhood and the jobs she had when she was younger.

Interview at bethany towers

In this interview I interviewed an elderly citizen at bethany towers in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania. Jan, the participant, discusses her childhood and other events throughout her life that have impacted her greatly.

Evangeline Orlosky

The life of Evangeline Orlosky and who she is.

February 18, 2018 app
Instant Dad

An interview with Tim Summers, newly married into a family with a child. Tim gives insight into what it’s like becoming a dad of a child that isn’t his own.