Gary Moore: Early Life, Civil Rights, Hippy Movement and Rock and Roll

In this interview, we discussed Gary’s early life in Pennsylvania and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, along with his views on civil rights, his musical influences from rock and roll and other sources, and involvement in the hippy movement before and during...

Interview of Amie Hill’s life (1944)

I, Anya Brink, interviewed Amy Hill about her life. We discussed from her her birth (1944) through her childhood and adulthood.

Wisdom with Nan

Basically following nan through her life.

Family interview

Where my family was from. The history and information behind my family.

My Aunt Claire and I

In this interview, we talked about my aunts life. We talked about things like what she was like as a kid, her happiest moment, etc. She also wanted me to mention she has a cold and that’s why her voice...

My Moms Childhood

My interview was about my Moms Childhood and what it was like growing up.

Parent Interview

This interview is about my mom’s first generation born American.

Ryan Hueber’s interview with his Mother

Talking about life and family and everything that matters in life.