An Oncologist, a pregnant patient, and a difficult decision.

The joys of a desired pregnancy quickly turn to fear and confusion as an ovarian cancer is diagnosed. How does a patient’s fertility desires affect her cancer treatment? And how does a patient influence her cancer treatment team?

Edgar Ramirez and Olga Renteria

Edgar Ramirez (50) habla con su colega Olga Rentería (49) compartiendo sobre su familia, cómo se vino de Oaxaca a los Estados Unidos, y cómo empezó Philatinos, una estación de radio en Español en Philadelphia. [Edgar Ramirez (50) speaks with...

Larry Abrams and Jim Hardy

Friends and colleagues Larry Abrams (53) and Jim Hardy (44) discuss their nonprofits BookSmiles and Kensington Soccer Club. They consider the importance of serving young people as teachers and through their nonprofits, and reflect on the support they received along...

Mom to Son Talk

I really enjoyed interviewing with her and learning her life

Sarah Mahoney Interview

We spoke about her upbringing, career, home life, and our relationship.