The Military experience of Ernest Soto-cruz

I had the great opportunity to interview Ernest Soto-Cruz (age 54). Ernest is my father whom I am very proud of. Today we talked about his experience in the military and how it effect it in the long run.

Connie Roop and Peter Roop

Spouses Connie Roop [no age given] and Peter Roop (72) discuss being together for fifty years, Peter being from Memphis Tennessee, his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement, their travels across the seven continents, and their two children.

Neferteri Strickland and Paul Richards

Paul Richards (74) sits down with his daughter Neferteri Strickland (44) to discuss his 30 years in the military. The two speak about Paul's childhood in Panama, his early career achievements, and his hopes for the future.

David Brubaker and Brian Brubaker

David Brubaker (76) speaks with his son, Brian Brubaker (52), about his time serving in the military and his experience in the War in Vietnam. David also speaks about his own father's history.

Susan Shearouse and Amy Williams

One Small Step partners Susan Shearouse (74) and Amy "Lisa" Williams (47) discuss the origins of their political beliefs, their differing views on abortion, and their hopes and fears for our country.

Joyce Richmond and Jerry DeWitt

Friends Joyce Richmond (83) and Jerry DeWitt [no age given] talk about Jerry's decades of military service, Joyce's experience being a Gold Star Mother, and their shared commitment to volunteerism.