Amazing Resilience in Nuring with Kelly and Ann

Kelly has been a nurse for 18 years and has an amazing way of being resilient. From difficult peers to patients and through trials and tribulations of home life, Kelly handles it all with a professional spark.

Monica S. and Jessica O.

I was interviewing Monica (58) that I met a week ago and asked if I can interview her because she was very nice and has a positive attitude always. In the interview we was discussing her life and memories from...

Interview with Gen X

Abby Punch (19) interviews her mother's friend Samantha Shaffer (49) discuss Sam's life experiences.

Patrick and his Unique Life

Father (56) discusses his childhood and views on life with his 16 year old daughter.

Michael Dean and Diane Knibbs

One Small Step conversation partners Diane Knibbs (66) and Michael Dean (56) discuss their upbringings, relationships, their faith, racism in their communities, being informed citizens and extreme and moderate views.

Eric Marsh and Michelle Taylor

One Small Step conversation partners Eric Marsh (54) and Michelle Taylor (35) have a respectful conversation regarding their upbringing, immigration, and abortion issues.

Story Corps Interview Assignment

We talked about her childhood experiences and memories. She also shared what she does for work and her opinion on what she does. Finally, we discussed me and how i was as a baby/child.

David Cowie and Leonard Edwards

One Small Step conversation partners Leonard Edwards (62) and David Cowie (60) have a conversation about the political differences between Canada and the United States and Issues surrounding race.