Voices of Resilience- Snehil & Ricardo.

I interviewed and talked to Snehil K. (age not given), who is the Food & Beverage Supervisor at The Vanderbilt-Auberge Resorts Collection in Newport, Rhode Island, and Ricardo H. Fuentes, who is the Peruvian Chef at the same place. They...

Elvira De La Cruz and Kathy Ryan

One Small Step participants Elvira De La Cruz (45) and Kathy Ryan (71) have a conversation about the gravity of the moves in their lives, the challenges in getting re-licensed to work in the US after immigration, and how talking...

Sebastian Chavez and Carmen Alean

Sebastian Chavez (24) talks to his grandmother Carmen Alean [no age given] about their Peruvian heritage, their memories of food and cooking, and their involvement in the Queens Night Market community.

Reynaldo Segovia and Ysabel Segovia

Reynaldo Segovia (68) habla con su hija Ysabel Segovia (34) de su vida en Perú, su relación con sus padres y su familia y su decisión de buscar trabajo en los Estados Unidos. [Reynaldo Segovia (68) speaks with his daughter...

Carmen Canning’s Interview

Isabella Canning interviews her mother, Carmen Canning, about her life in Peru and the U.S.

LHP w/ Mom

Honestly, this was mostly to understand my mom and her trip to the US since it wasn't something official. Yet once she had moved here she finally got to live here and live her life. even with the struggles of...

Julia Martinez and Paloma Villalobos

Julia "MacLovia" Martinez (82) speaks with her friend and granddaughter Paloma Villalobos (34) about her journey and perspective on life.

Giselle Palmer and Alejandro Guimoye

One Small Step partners Giselle Palmer (44) and Alejandro Guimoye (43) share a conversation about immigration, education, their upbringings, and their jobs.

DIY Final Project
December 4, 2022 App Interview

I, Tyler Reynolds, interviewed Francesca Villanueva. She is 17 and I am 18. We are good school friends and we talked about her relationship with Peru.

Juana Iris Meza and Ashley Werner

Compañeras de One Small Step Juana Iris Meza (37) y Ashley Werner (36) hablan de sus raíces, el impacto de sus padres en sus vidas y su vocación por la abogacía comunitaria. [One Small Step partners Juana Iris Meza (37)...