Frank [No Name Given] and Melissa K

One Small Step conversation partners Frank [No Name Given] (69) and Melissa K (43) discuss their interest in understanding different values and politics and wonder what it is to "be an American" in a changing country with such a diverse...

Bry Lee and Sihun Lee from South Korea to the US

Bry Lee (21) and Sihun Lee (58) sparks more intimate conversations about life and culture in the US and South Korea. Chit chats here and there and in between.

Anne Slater and Janet Lewis

One Small Step conversation partners Anne Slater (81) and Janet Lewis (62) have a conversation about their families, careers, hobbies, and daily lives. They bond over shared experiences of returning to school later in life and the joys and challenges...

Zoe Curran and Anita Sullivan
December 14, 2023 OSS Hub

Anita Sullivan (75), sits down to talk with her One Small Step conversation partner Zoe Curran (24). The conversation touches on the political and cultural transformations that Jackson, Wyoming has undergone over the 40 years that Anita has lived there....

"We Were Reunited"

Melina Plummer (16, Grandaughter) and Maureen McCarthy (58, Grandmother) Discuss a multitude of topics. Being a single mother and being the first generation of Women to work full time is tough. Maureen has lived through a lot and has a...

Bernard Green and Garrad Green

Garrad Green (47) interviews his father Barnard Phillip Green Sr. (75) about growing up in Philadelphia, relocating to Alabama, lessons he has learned through fatherhood.

Tamir Harper and Horace Ryans

Friends, colleagues, and co-mentors Tamir D. Harper (23) and Horace Ryans III (21) share how they have supported and inspired each other, first as students in high school, and now as people working and studying to better the American education...