Dad’s childhood in the Philippines

Angela Napili interviewed her dad Manuel Napili, 83, about his childhood memories of the Philippines. At 3:00 he described what it was like to grow up near an active volcano. Starting at 17:30 and at 20:17 he discussed his memories...

Our Eyes Have Seen (Episode IV: Life and Times of Thomas Henry Sheffler)

Part I: A multigenerational conversation about the events in history that we witnessed and how they affected us. We talk about culture, war, television, media, historical influences, points of view and legacy. Part II: Uploaded separately as Teacher Talk -...

Teacher Talk – Don't Know Much About History: An Interview with Don and Gabriella Sheffler

Don't know much about history? Gabriella Sheffler advises students to find their own history. Listen to this chat with the two teachers in my family - my husband Don, who teaches photography, and my daughter Gabriella who teaches history. My...

Collin Maurice and Vicki Maurice
December 8, 2022 App Interview

: 2022-12-08 00:44:22 Collin Maurice (21) interviews his Aunt, Vicki Maurice (~60) about her life growing up in the Philippines and how it was different from her adult life in America.

My Heritage

In this interview, my mom and I had a conversation about our heritage and where we came from. She also shared about her experiences raising me and her own memories as a child.

Nanay’s Interview

Today, I interviewed my Nanay about her family, immigrating to America, and some of her favorite movies.

The Lovely Neighbor

My name is Nico Salazar, age 18, and I interviewed my neighbor and family friend, Jasmin Matienzo, age 71. We discussed her childhood and interests, her life in the Philippines and in the United States and Saudi Arabia, as well...