Interviewing my Uncle Gilbert

I am interviewing my Uncle Gilbert. On his experience in joining the U.S Navy in the Philippines.

interview – dad

I talked with my dad about his life experiences and his advice

My grandpas life!

Marlon Kemmer (63) and I (17) talk and have a conversation about his life, my goal throughout this conversation was to get to know my grandpa on a deeper level !

Raffi Viton and Zach Ward

Raffi Viton (19) and University of Cincinnati student Zach Ward (19) discuss their childhood, family, and sports growing up

Janine Villa and Lowell Villa

Lowell Villa describes his life in the Philippines and how he learned and viewed the Cold War.

Danny Carroll and Torski Dobson-Arnold

One Small Step conversation partners Danny Carroll [no age given] and Torski Dobson-Arnold [no age given] have a conversation about their difficult childhoods and journeys to understand truth and forgive themselves. They find perspective through sharing their experiences overcoming dysfunctional...

Chiara Cox and Elen Callahan

Friends Chiara Cox [no age given] and Elen Callahan [no age given] talk about reconnecting to their Filipino heritage through music and dance. They discuss cultural longing and the grief they both felt when they lost their grandmothers, important family...

Gaudencio Macaraig, Jackson Crews, and Marilyn Crews

Jackson Crews (12) speaks with his grandfather Gaudencio "Mac" Macaraig (96) and his mother Marilyn Crews (51) about Mac's childhood in the Philippines, his experience in the Coast Guard, and his favorite family memories.

Gabriella Loyola interviews her mom Maria Dareen Loyola

14 year old, Gabriella Loyola interviews her mom Maria Dareen Loyola on growing up, love life, raising her children, names and traditions.