Connor Sammons and Jill Jalutuch

Connor Sammons (14) talks with his Aunt, Jill Jalutuch (51) about childhood and growing up in the 80's

storyCorp interview

Mariah 26 interviewing Darrin 32 on his life and perspective.

Theresa Pinto and Madison Pinto

Theresa Pinto (55) and daughter, Madison Pinto (18) talk about their journey together through Theresa’s breast cancer treatment.

Dinner with Sullivan C.

After an enjoyable dinner with my friend Sullivan Clisham, I asked him pressing questions about his life and legacy. We discussed childhood memories, regrets, and what the future holds as young adults. We are 17 years old preparing for college...

A chat with Mum

Sitting down with my mom to get to know her a little deeper, and give everyone a chance to do the same. From protesting the war in Vietnam to raising 5 children.

A fathers journey

A man had to go through the struggles to change his mindset. For his kids, siblings, and the people he loved. “The greatest accomplishment in my life are my children.”

Nana Kita and Grandson Milo

This interview was between me (Milo) and my nana (Kita) listening to her life story

Emily an David

We talked about our younger childhood years and what school and family was like. We also talked about high school and the role models that taught us.