Doris Smith, Earlene McKee, and Laura James

Longtime friends Earlene McKee (63) and Laura James (63) talk with new friend Doris Smith (88) about her life, her faith, and her commitment to helping others.

Kaitlyn McMurtry and Richard Kirkpatrick

One Small Step conversation partners Kaitlyn "Katie" McMurtry (30) and Richard "Rick" Kirkpatrick (63) talk about their traumatic experiences. They share thoughts about religion and the roles of the government.

Interview with Spaz – 07-03-2023 14:19:13

this is an interview with friends ,Spaz and Amy Kerlin. Spaz is 53 years old. Amy is 54 years old and we recorded this in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We talked about a number of things about Spaz's art, history of how...

Frank McGurgan

Francis McGurgan recounts his life growing up in Pittsburgh working in a bakery in high school. Life as an executive manager in ARA Skychefs, traveling across the USA for his job and after retirement.

Bop Bop on life

My Grandfather, Luke Howe (or Bop Bop) talks about his life as a child in the cold war, his experience as the owner of a hardware store, and how he intends to live the rest of his life.

Ron and Ryland

Ryland asking his father questions about life. they talk about retreats, and big decisions