Immigrating to the United States during the Cold War

I interviewed my grandma, Alexsandra Warzecha (76), discussing her story of emigrating to the United States of America. Furthermore, describing her time in Poland during the Cold War, and at a time of Communist ruling. Ultimately, describing her life as...

Journey to America

Interview about immigrating to America, sharing experiences and advice.

Adam Sokol interview

this is a history project interviewing a past member of society about their experiences.

Linda Regester and Chris Brookes

Linda Louise Regester (73) has a conversation with friend Chris Brookes (74) about her childhood growing up in Chicago, Illinois, her adulthood living in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, her dad's military service, her husband's military service, and Polish holiday traditions.

Ivonne Conover and David Coal

One Small Step conversation partners Ivonne Conover (49) and David Coal (64) talk about communism, capitalism, Christianity, family values, and the influence of our parents.

My Mom and Her Life

my mom, Dominika shiell, age 21 (for the past 25 years) talked about her life experiences including growing up during the aftermath of WWII and growing up under the Russian occupation of Poland, aka communist rule over Poland.

Immigration Interview

In this interview, Me and my mom talk about her history in Poland, along with the comparisons between life in a European country, and in America