What movie stars did you meet?

My grandfather talks about his work experience and some of the most interesting places he has been too. He reminisces’ about good old times with family. He lists off some of the 32 Countries he has been too for business,...

The Historical Timeline

I was able to interview my grandmother and see her perspective and view of her childhood. While learning more about my family that I have not even heard of, and their childhoods really fascinated me.

Interviewing my mom

My mother was born in Lisbon Portugal

Back in Portugal

We talked about what it was like for my mom to move to America and leave her family behind.

American Perspective from a Portuguese Immigrant

I talked to my grandfather, an immigrant from Portugal, about his journey from Portugal to America and how this significant change has impacted his life.

Maria and Max

My grandmother was the most influential person in my life. Today we talked about her early life and where she came from

New Life

The story of the how my grandfather came to this country from the Azores and the struggles he went through

Learning about my fathers past

We talked about the struggles of moving to America and not knowing any English at the age of 12.

Faythe Bomba and her grandfather Jose Pimentel talk about growing up as an immigrant

Jose discusses the importance of family, and what it was like growing up in Portugal and the US. He also reflects on his life in recent years, and shares some colorful anecdotes.

Américo Rodrigues, “Vociferar Contra,” (“Voice Against”) Sound Poem

Portuguese sound poet performs solo inside the roofed cloister of Mosteiro de São Bento da Vitória, in Porto.