Recording – 11-26-2023 18:23:28

Almia King, age 16, and her mom, Denali, age 42. Talking about childhood, family, and life.

Allison Briscoe-Smith and Sue Lani Madsen
September 15, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Allison Briscoe-Smith (46) and Sue Lani Madsen (67) talk about how political labels and identity labels don't always get to the nuance of a person, and share stories about how they're teaching the younger generations...

Beth Hegde & Allie Hyams

Beth & Allie both work on the communications team at Providence Sacred Heart in Spokane. They talk about the time when in a meeting they got word of a school shooting at Lewis & Clark High School in Spokane where...

Mema and Papa Interview

mema and papa were asked a series of questions ranging from childhood to politics and they gave their experiences.

opioids, the life killer disguised as a pain killer
December 7, 2022 App Interview

The opioid epidemic is discussed; the effects, causes and resources.

Kobe smith Chad brown Turning life around after youth

Kobe Smith interviewing Chad brown 50 years old who is my co-worker. Who inspires me and teaches me life lessons. Goes on to talk about prison life and turning life around to teaching his sons about life and avoiding the...

Heather Watkins and Roxann Nammour

Heather, Clinical Nutrition Manager with Providence Infusion and Pharmacy in Eastern WA and Oregon Talks about her not straight path into the role she has at present moment. Alternative nutrition support and how important it is for those who cannot...

Michael Lyons and David Hoffman

One Small Step conversation partners Michael Lyons (71) and David Hoffman [no age given] talk about their careers, the importance of family, and the difficulty of talking about politics in the current era of political divisiveness.