Harold Hochstatter and Don Hochstatter

Don Hochstatter (58) interviews his father, Harold Hochstatter (84), about his childhood, his experience in the U.S. Army, his political career, his family, his perspective on death, and his Christian Faith.

Backyard Harvest with Misty Amarena and Anne Zabala

We talked about the inspiration and mission behind the start of Backyard Harvest, a Moscow, Idaho nonprofit organization working in partnership with their community to connect those with extra fresh produce and those who need it. . And then explored...

Idaho Cultivating Success with Amanda Snyder

For almost 20 years, the Idaho Cultivating Success Program has provided production, marketing and business education for sustainable small farms and ranches across Idaho. Most recently, Idaho Cultivating Success launched a new program, Idaho Farm Link, connecting beginning farmers seeking...

Husband and wife Mike and Carol Rydbom both grew up at the lake in the summer and so it is woven through the fabric of their lives.

Carol Sayles first came to Priest Lake as a baby. In the 1940s, Leonard Paul asked her father to insure the Coolin store. The family then began staying a couple of weeks in the summer with extended family at Hills...

Eli at the Davenport

Eli talked about his life and many travels to Colfax and beyond.

Just Talking with My Dad

Logan practiced asking questions about his dad's early childhood memories and what makes him happy. This is a warm-up interview before interviewing grandparents.