My Little Brother David

I interviewed my 12 year old brother David. We discussed some of his favorite memories and future plans

Interview with Grandpa
December 11, 2022 App Interview

Bill Twedt (83), grandfather of Eva Twedt, about his childhood and memories.

Jerry Hamel and Julia Sherman

Julia Sherman (27) interviews her friend, Jerry Hamel (86), about his childhood, his cattle-ranching and rodeo careers, the history of his land, and what being a cowboy means to him.

Justin Friedman and Ericka Kay

One Small Step conversation partners Justin Friedman (49) and Ericka Kay (40) talk about how their families have impacted their political values. They also discussed how subjects including the environment, gun rights, the U.S. Constitution, religion, abortion and social media...

Monica Kales and Pat Ragains

One Small Step conversation partners Pat Ragains (63) and Monica Kales (64) talk about world events during their lifetime which have caused their political values to shift. They also discussed how family values, including religion, have shaped their politics and...

Susanne Byrne and Trinette Borgen

One Small Step conversation partners Susanne Byrne (72) and Trinette [No Name Given] (52) talk about the topic of abortion, and come to the realization that they are both pro-choice, despite their differences on other topics such as mask wearing,...


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