Kassandra De Leon and Ms.Ehlers

I interviewed my English teacher about her family history, and what she is greatful for. My teacher talked about how she regrets going to a expensive school,because it stopped her from traveling.

Interviewing mom on her life

Byron orantes interviews mom in her life story growing up and coming to America

Interview with Grandma

My grandma tells me about her life, and a lot about my mom and how much she loves family.

An interview with my dad and I.

My dad and I talk about his childhood and how it was like growing up in El Salvador.

Ranita and Shamim

I asked my dad about the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971. I then asked him about when he immigrated to America and what he thought about America.

November 27, 2017 App Interview
English final interview

I interviewed my ma about her childhood and what she was like. I also asked her about what she wanted to see in the future and asked about the past as well

Elke Franke interview

Lucas Franke(Elke Franke’s grandson) interviews her about her time in East Germany