Mimi Shaw and Sarah Padgett

Mimi Shaw [no age given], who is a clown entertainer, chats with new friend Sarah Padgett (25) about finding Holocaust paintings, sketches and a manuscript at an estate sale outside of Tallahassee, Florida. She describes the story of holocaust survivors...

Yalee-Alona Interview

When I interviewed my mom we talked about her job, family, how she grew up, her childhood, etc. We also talked about her family and husband/my dad.

Elaina Pusz interview’s her grandmother, Elaine Mirzoyan about her immigration to America.

In this interview Elaine Mirzoyan talked about growing up in Russia, and how she became an American citizen.

“If I could do this, I could do anything.”

Cynthia Ferreira and Ronan Smith talk about her experiences as an American student in the USSR during the last days of the Soviet Government.

Thanksgiving interview

We talked about what her childhood was like.

Lesson from my mom
October 4, 2021 App Interview

Here my mom briefly goes through some of good and bad memories that brought her to learn and teach me a life lesson to help me succeed

Beq Parker and Kenneth Wetcher

One Small Step participants, Kenneth "Ken" Wetcher (80) and Beq Parker (72), talk about their political views, identities, and differing ideas about the military.

Miguel Rodriguez and Sheila Mastropietro

Sheila Mastropietro (67) interviews her friend Miguel Rodriguez (58) about his experience migrating from Cuba to the United States and building a life in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.