Lynden Gault and Stephen Leite

Colleagues Lynden Gault (37) and Stephen Leite (40) discuss their career paths and how they came to work in quality assurance at Gift of Hope.

Peter Wilson, Marcia Wilson, and Stephen Wilson

Superintendent of Lake Geneva Schools Peter Wilson (45) interviews his parents, Stephen Wilson (76) and Marcia Wilson (75), about their childhood experiences and their families. Marcia and Stephen also talk about their role models, family stories, and mutual support in...

Peter Baker and Chris Brookes

Chris Brookes (73) interviews her friend Peter Baker (57) about growing up in Chicago and coming to Lake Ivanhoe, a Black community in southeastern Wisconsin. Peter relates the history of the community from its founding in 1926 up to the...

Joel Hodge and Jacob Mihelich

Joel Hodge (76), is interviewed by his grandson, Jacob Mihelich (17). Joel discusses his life in Laurium, Michigan. Joel was a trucker and had a passion for the open road.

Interview of Radford Tidwell, Upringing, Childhood and Adulthood, Part II

Part II of Radford Tidwell’s childhood and upbringing, time in the US Navy, marriage to Floy Mae Lovett and journey from Michigan to Alabama