Vietnam war (Richard platt )

This is Richard Platt he was drafted in the war/military 2 years after Vietnam war. hear the story from his eyes and pov.

Interview with my mom

Eric Hoang (17) talks with his mom, Trinh Hoang (47) about her childhood and life in America. They discuss about her values and what she enjoyed as a kid and how she gives back to her Vietnamese community despite being...

Kenji Muro Anti-Vietnam War Experience
May 27, 2023 App Interview

Kenji Muro (77 yo) interviewed by stepson Moses Graubard (44 yo) about his experience with the “underground railroad” in Japan during the Vietnam War that helped American deserters to escape to Europe.

Learning More About my Father

Kiet Lam (49) talks with his daughter, Kathy Lam (18) about his childhood in Vietnam. He touches on personal bases on the lifestyle of Vietnam and the war. He compares what it’s like in Vietnam and here in America.

Larry Dursteler Vietnam

This interview is on the tensions of the vietnam war and i asked my grandfather to speak on it.