LHP w/ My Grandpa

My grandpa talked about his life in China when he was little and showed photos of his family, ranging from the 1940s to early 2000s (there was a lot).

Kelli Fleming and Talia Cmaylo

Kelli Fleming (33) and her significant other Talia Cmaylo (37) interview each other about their childhood memories, their proudest moments, and their impressions of each other.

Emma Mitchell and Andy Ranazzi

One Small Step partners Emma Mitchell (37) and Andy Ranazzi (60) have a conversation about the state of political discourse, navigating politics and family, and the citizen vs. the citizenry.

Dad’s Childhood
January 5, 2023 App Interview

My Dad, Josh Morton, and I, Arthur Morton, had a mix of an interview and a conversation about stories of his childhood and parts of my own that i don’t fully remember. oronado

Lynisha Senegal and Bernardine Tuisavalalo Tavita

One Small Step conversation partners Lynisha Senegal (45) and Bernadine Tuisavalalo Tavita (28) talk about their experiences as women of color - growing up poor, engaging with their communities, and taking on the mantle of leadership.

"It takes courage, tienes que ser muy fuerte en esta vida" Maria Rios

I interviewed Maria Rios (63) from Chihuahua, Mexico. Maria is my childhood friends mother, I chose Maria because she became a mother at age 15, its hard raising kids, yet alone boys. Maria has been through a lot in life,...

My Wonder Woman — JPD Hire's Interview w/ his grandmother Maryellen Danehy Latinx Studies 435

Johnny PD Hire: 2022-12-05 22:53:47 Johnny (22) interviews his grandmother Maryellen (81) about the Danehy family's migration to America, her youth and entry in to education, and then her time in the world of work during the turbulent 60s and...

interview w mi mami, ltns 435 fall '22, laura g

I, Laura Estela Gonzalez (21), interview my mom, Ana Laura Malagon (44). This interview is in Spanish and I ask my mom about her life story. It contains her childhood in Mexico, then her teenage years, and her adult life...