Interview with Dad

My dad says he has a lot to be grateful for.


This is how becoming a parent changed many things things for my mom.

My Dad’s wishes and desires

In this interview I sit down to talk with my dad. He tells me of deepest wishes and inspiration in life to keep moving forward in an interview for the ages.

Great thanksgiving listening 2019 Olivia Pike

When I heard about us doing these interviews during Thanksgiving time I am mediately thought of interviewing my Aunt Linda because she is one of the most freethinking people I know and I knew she would not fail to say...

English 2A: Interview

An short interview with my mother about aspects of her life.

The Daycare Dream

Farahnaz watched a movie of a woman who had a daycare and she really enjoyed it. When she was 18 she began to work for Iran’s government. She hated her life and specifically her job so in 2004, at the...

Thanksgiving Final

Interview about my dad and his experiences during his life and mine

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I chose to interview my Tia Gaby because I knew she is very successful despite the struggles she’s faced. The struggles she faced are actually what shaped her into who she is today.