Interview with my Sister (Nicole Lara per 3)

We talked about he remembrance of a loved one, specifically our great grandma Virginia. We also talked about her general life with her.


My mom and I talked about living in Santa Barbra, and some of her life lessons.

Lauren Kim

Lauren Kim is a community leader from the South Bay currently attending the University of California Santa Barbara. She is studying Sociology with a minor in Psychology. She talks about where her passion for leadership began, how ideals have shaped...

Life through Grandma’s Eyes

We talked a lot about my grandma’s life - who she dated, who she married, her education, etc. We also talked about her perspective on life - the key to happiness, regrets, successes, etc.

The History of the Ross family, with Kevin Ross. From Mexico, to Arizona, to California.

Ashton Ross interviews his father Kevin Ross about his life, values, and family history. And they discuss the regional history of California, Arizona, and Mexico, and what it’s like to live on the border of two unique cultures.

COM1000 Dakota Bow-Graham (Raser)

This is a story of my talking to my mama, and her giving her insight into how her life has been and is up till now

Grandpas passing

My interview was about me asking my dad some questions about how he had to deal with his grandpas passing. It also was some very hard question to answer.