Jim Farley & Eric Delgado

Jim and Eric met through the Walk A Mile program. Jim works as the Patient Registration SCDIC at Swedish Cherry Hill and Eric is CFO for our hospitals in the Seattle area. Through the program, Eric was better able to...

Benjamin Marshall & Laura Smith

Laura recently met Benjamin, who went to school with her brother, Berkeley, who has Down syndrome. Benjamin sat next to Berkeley in sixth grade and he talked about the impact that year had on his life. Because of his exposure...

Gaudencio Macaraig, Jackson Crews, and Marilyn Crews

Jackson Crews (12) speaks with his grandfather Gaudencio "Mac" Macaraig (96) and his mother Marilyn Crews (51) about Mac's childhood in the Philippines, his experience in the Coast Guard, and his favorite family memories.

Storey Squires and Steve Heck

This 63 year old professional at a non-profit, long term care facility talks about the institutional and personal impact of Covid on staff and residents.

Frank [No Name Given] and Melissa K

One Small Step conversation partners Frank [No Name Given] (69) and Melissa K (43) discuss their interest in understanding different values and politics and wonder what it is to "be an American" in a changing country with such a diverse...

Melody Fawcett, Nathan Blunt, Hilary Rajchel

Melody met her cousins, Nathan and Hilary about ten years ago as a result of genealogy research. They come together today to share what brought them to their searches and the impact it had on them and the family.

Christopher Caillier and Nasreen Johnson

One Small Step conversation partners Christopher "Chris" Caillier (51) and Nasreen Johnson (42) talk about the importance of local politics, sex ed in schools, the importance of finding common ground and maintaining civility when approaching people with different view points.