Joey Kane and Storey Squires

A volunteer turned employee reflects on his time at The Mount since he was a baby and why this is a place of friendship and love for him.

Cyra Sanborn Dumitru and Daniel A. Dumitru

Mother and child Cyra Sanborn Dumitru (64) and Daniel A. Dumitru (29) discuss Daniel's conception via in vitro fertilization, Cyra's pregnancy, and what inspired Cyra to become a parent. They also discuss how Cyra's relationships changed with her loved ones...

Jennifer Everett and Deborah Klein

Jennifer Everett (44) speaks with her physician, Deborah Klein (62) about her immense gratitude for their trusting relationship and compassionate care Dr. Klein provided and what impact it has had on Jennifer's life.

Sandra Sherfey and Joan DeHart

Home Care LPN Sandra was bit by a dog at a home health visit. Her bite got infected and has had a lingering impact emotionally and physically.

Michael Lewis and Daniel Patton

One Small Step partners Michael Lewis (55) and Daniel Patton (42) have a conversation about National Parks, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, libraries, and the role of government.

Debra Rich Gettleman and Adri Edwards-Johnson

One Small Step partners Debra Rich-Gettleman (58) and Adri Edwards-Johnson (47) discuss their relationships to Judaism, their experiences as mothers, their own backgrounds, and what it means to connect across political difference.

Kim Moriyama and Charles Minkler

One Small Step conversation partners Kim Moriyama (54) and Charles "Charly" Minkler (66) talk about their upbringing, political beliefs and their struggles as outsiders.