Carl Gardner and Jane Meyers

One Small Step partners Carl Gardner (66) and Jane Meyers (71) share memories from their upbringing, careers, and criticisms of the education and media fields.

James Manning and Michele Manning Herman

Michele talks with her dad Col. James Manning about how his Army career led him to Washington State. James explains the importance of a living will and advance directive.

Sarim Marith & Angela Marith

Sarim and her family are Cambodia refugees who came to the US in 1975. She talks with her daughter-in-law, Angela about the barriers she faces with her doctors because her English is not great. How not fully understanding the language...

Llyn Kawasaki and Alice Chung

Llyn talks about her family's experience in a Japanese internment camp. She talks about the impact that had on her family and community, and then the conversation moves on to her personal history as she reaches a huge milestone -...

U.S. History Interview

This is an interview in which I discuss the eruption of Mt. Saint Helen with my mother who lived in Seattle during the time.

Lorrie Shamarin and Ross Robinson

Lorrie and Ross talk about the ice cream shop (Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour) that Lorrie's dad, Jack Fecker, owned in Seattle, WA, and his innovative ideas for promoting the shop. Lorrie also remembers her dad passing down the wisdom to...

A Parisian in America

Danielle is an immigrant who came to America from France. This is a recording of her story about migration, and how she fit in in America.