Katie’s interesting interview

This is my dear cousin and i interviewed her because she inspired me to keep studying for what’d be in the future

Interview with Ms.Villars

I interview my teacher of Esol about what she is grateful for and what’s the dumbest thing that she have ever did.

Interview 1

He shared a good amount but some of my questions didnt apply

Life of Joycelyn Queen

I interviewed my great aunt Jocelyne who was very pleased to be interviewed. She shares with me her greatest and worst moments in the interview.

November 27, 2017 App Interview
Rahma and Abdinasir

Rahma asks questions to her father Abdinasir about life in America and his home country Somalia. From childhood questions to how his current job.

Real Interview 2

This is my interview with my mother where we touch up on both her and my childhood.