Korean War

Korean war - Lynn and Lynn's Mom talk about the war.

My Mom’s Perspective of My Grandfathers War

Elisha (17) and his mother Emme (51) talk about what she remembers about her father’s experiences during the Korean War as well as her own.

Immigration as a Child

I interviewed my mother, who immigrated from South Korea to Los Angeles at the age of 5.

August's Grandfather Interview (January 1, 2024)

August Huskey (8) interviewed his grandfather Jae Shim (76) about his background and military service in Korea.

Bry Lee and Sihun Lee from South Korea to the US

Bry Lee (21) and Sihun Lee (58) sparks more intimate conversations about life and culture in the US and South Korea. Chit chats here and there and in between.

Avery Lawson and David Lee

Avery (18) interviewed David (62), who is my best friend Erica’s father, about his immigration from South Korea to the United States, his experience living here, and his family and golfing.

Father’s Wisdom

Justice, (14, son), talks about life’s challenges and blessings with Jin, (45, dad), and reflects about how he would want to be remembered as and what he wants his future grandkids to know.

Ariel Jin’s interviewing her dad, Young-hoon Jin, on November 26th, 2023.

In this interview, Ariel Jin interviews her dad about how his experiences as a child/teen changed his adulthood for better or for worse. She talks about the major transitions and moments in life that affected her dads future.