opioids, the life killer disguised as a pain killer
December 7, 2022 App Interview

The opioid epidemic is discussed; the effects, causes and resources.

Kobe smith Chad brown Turning life around after youth

Kobe Smith interviewing Chad brown 50 years old who is my co-worker. Who inspires me and teaches me life lessons. Goes on to talk about prison life and turning life around to teaching his sons about life and avoiding the...

Heather Watkins and Roxann Nammour

Heather, Clinical Nutrition Manager with Providence Infusion and Pharmacy in Eastern WA and Oregon Talks about her not straight path into the role she has at present moment. Alternative nutrition support and how important it is for those who cannot...

Michael Lyons and David Hoffman

One Small Step conversation partners Michael Lyons (71) and David Hoffman [no age given] talk about their careers, the importance of family, and the difficulty of talking about politics in the current era of political divisiveness.

Rosalyn Schragg and Leanna Hayes

Rosalyn Schragg [no age given] interviews her friend Leanna Hayes [no age given] about Rosalyn’s journey from Rotherham, England to Soap Lake, Washington State. They also discuss Rosalyn’s marriage, children, career, and home.

Maria de la Luz Gonzales Estrada Oppen Dockins Craig Oppen and Harriet Weber

Harriet Weber [no age given] interviews her friend, Maria de la Luz Gonzales Estrada Oppen Dockins Craig Oppen [no age given] about her upbringing, family, and childhood journey from Mexico to Quincy, Washington.

Alex Schmidt and Nancy Warner

Nancy Warner (70) interviews her friend Alex Schmidt (75) about his family's experience emigrating from Germany to the United States. They also discuss his childhood in Germany and Washington State, his military and clergy careers, and his family.

Tatyana Kobzar, Harriet Weber, and Nancy Warner

Friends and colleagues, Harriet Weber (65) and Nancy Warner (70) interview Tatyana Kobzar [no age given] about her journey to the United States from Ukraine. They also talk about family and Christianity.

Harold Hochstatter and Don Hochstatter

Don Hochstatter (58) interviews his father, Harold Hochstatter (84), about his childhood, his experience in the U.S. Army, his political career, his family, his perspective on death, and his Christian Faith.