mandi and ella

in this interview we talked about her childhood and who has influenced her life the most.

A New Beginning Part 2

This is my second interview with Kobe Walker. I ask him about his college experience, how it's been adjusting to the college life, and how he feels about loans.

A New Beginning

My name is Kobé Tanner and I'm interviewing my roommate Kobe Walker. This interview is about college and his experience during this first month of classes.

Keokuks legacy

My mother has had a hard life but she has always had the best mindset. A strong womans story

Hercules BBQ

My uncle explains his journey to owning his own business.

Carol Almanza -Thanksgiving 2017

This is Cooper’s Thanksgiving Day 2017 interview with his grandma Carol Almanza.

Grandpa George Almanza – Thanksgiving 2017

Grandpa George and Cooper talked about his childhood and some memories throughout his life.