Living History Project

Early life living in Missouri as an only child. Experience out of college and Vietnam. Help during the Y2K event.

stories from the southeast to Europe: growing up throughout the world

Robert Camp (13) and Margaret Darneille (72), who are grandmother and grandson discuss her growing up in the southeast United States and later Belgium. Also discussed is how Margaret found her husband and job.

Adele Johnson and Carolyn Bornfleth

Cousins Carolyn Bornfleth (68) and Adele Johnson (72) remember their ancestor Maria Rosa Villalpando, who was captured by the Comanche tribe in 1760. They discuss how Villalpando ultimately came to lead an independent life in St. Louis, MO and bond...

Jessica Woolbright and Michelle Rhode

Coworkers and friends Jessica Woolbright (47) and Michelle Rhode (53) speak about their work supporting women and children experiencing domestic violence. They reflect on their careers at the non-profit Saint Martha's, discuss the most challenging and rewarding aspects of their...

Quentin Wilson and Lee Selleck

Friends Quentin Wilson [no age given] and Lee Selleck [no age given] come together 50 years after they graduated high school together in Kirkwood, Missouri. The two talk about the value of listening, the divides in our country, and how...

Amy Inman and Paul Inman

Husband and wife Paul Inman (55) and Amy Inman (54) tell the story of a health crisis that Paul experienced in 1997.

Father Jack Siefert and Judy Stanfield

Colleagues Father Jack Siefert (61) and Judy Stanfield (79) talk about their relationships with God and navigating their faith in the face of illness, tragedy, and struggle.