Naomi Jacob and her father Rajesh Jacob talk about his career journey.

In this interview, that took place on November 29, 2018 in St. Paul, Texas, Naomi Jacob (14) interviews her father Rajesh Jacob (47) about his career journey and his workplace experiences. Mr. Jacob talks about his current career and the...

Finding Meaning in Work and Life: Interview with Kevin Winge
September 12, 2018 App Interview

Interview with Kevin Winge of Minnesota discussing his many years working within the non-profit sector across various issues such as AIDS, HIV, food security, and about what inspires him to continue working.

Leila Ramgren & Chad Eisen-Ramgren

On July 6, 2016, Philando Castile was pulled over by police near Saint Paul, Minnesota after being misidentified as a robbery suspect. He was then shot and killed by an officer during the traffic stop. To most of the world,...

Chats with my Great Uncle Art

Art and I talked about his life and opinions on historic events, including World War 2, The Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Kent State Shooting and Watergate.

Interview with a Friend

In this interview, I am interviewing a special friend of mine. Throughout the interview, Angelina provides insights of her childhood and how it made who she is today.

Talking to my mom about her life and mine

My mother and I have had different lives growing up but at the end of the day we pretty much value the same things

My Mother’s Life Story

This is about my mother’s childhood life when her family were immigrant from Laos. She explains the difficult moments living in the United States such as language, poverty, and marriage.

Thanksgiving listen

Mike was poor growing up and he had many brothers and sisters.