Sharon Ford on Swarthmore Public Library

Sharon Ford talks about the library, storytimes, borough hall and library renovations, memorable library events & more.

Beth Gross Vol. II

Beth Gross discusses 4 eventful decades in Swarthmore. Beth co-owned (with partner Don Delson) and edited and operated the Swarthmorean Newspaper from 1989 to 2015. Beth also pioneered the girls half of the A Better Chance educational program, owned and...

Beth Gross vol. I

Beth Gross talk about arriving in Swarthmore 40 years ago, as of 2017. She talks about teaching school. She talks about starting the Sidetracks Cafe with women business partners. Running the cafe. Buying the Swarthmorean. Editing the paper. Laying out...

September 12, 2016

Charlie has owned and operated Swarthmore Hardware since 1985. He worked there since 1970.

February 15, 2016
Interview with Nancy Donaldson 2

Claire and Nikka Landau interview their grandmother Nancy Donaldson. Nancy was born on October 2, 1925 and currently lives at White Horse Village in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. Nancy is a lifelong Quaker, a Swarthmore College graduate and a retired teacher...