“The Stay”

Justine introduces Sofia and her story about living in Sweden for six months and what she learned there.

Ismail Abuhelals journey from Egypt to Sweden

Ismail Abuhelal is my grandfather that grew up in a small village in Egypt with 11 siblings. This interview covers his childhood memories and transition to moving to Sweden and becoming a nuclear engineer, teacher, and now principal and founder...

My Mormor!

My name is Sophie and I am 14. I interviewed my Mormor/grandmother who is 80.

Sally Harrison and Judith Dubin

Sally Harrison (66) and One Small Step partner Judith "Judy" Dubin (76) talk about their experiences as coaches/consultants, travel, and their concerns about the current political divide.

Tim Wheeler and Joseph Ernst
October 15, 2022 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Tim Wheeler (68) and Joseph "Joey" Ernst (40) explore common experiences growing up in small Midwestern towns and talk about their differing views on environmentalism and climate change.

Dennis Knepp and Lea Zikmund

Dennis Knepp (51) shares a conversation with new friend Lea Zikmund (26), about his first week in grad school, his education, and how he transitioned from student to teacher. They are talk about family, adventures aboard, and what he is...

Jennifer McCarthy and Teriyana Morton

Jennifer McCarthy (52) talks with her new friend and "fellow first-born" Teriyana Morton (28) about Jennifer's upbringing, education, and family. Jennifer talks about the impact of a traumatic brain injury on her high school experience and shares about her time...

Heidi Lynnette Rauvola-Etier Amari and Annette Mae Rauvola Bailey

Heidi Lynnette Rauvola-Etier Amari (56) shares a conversation with her mom, Annette Mae Rauvola Bailey (79), about their upbringings, family memories, traditions, and Swedish heritage.

Alison Reintjes and Brandon Reintjes

Alison Reintjes (45) interviews her husband, Brandon Reintjes (45), about his childhood in Montana and Michigan, his family, his closest friendships, and his experience becoming a father to their children.