Two Badass Sisters Inspire the Rare Disease World

Suzanne Hoff, 76, listens to Sharon Neumann, 66, relate her remarkable experiences as caregiver from childhood for her younger sister diagnosed with the rare, incurable disease of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) to their remarkable journey developing world wide support (IFOP)for...

Yvonne Matthews and Franchesca Peña

Yvonne Matthews (69) and her conversation partner Franchesca Peña [no age given] discuss Yvonne's upbringing, what originally motivated her to pursue music, and several milestones in her career as a musician and educator.

Jean Kramer looks at Kramer archival family albums

We came to have many photo albums from my grandmother, Lotte Kramer, and her mother, Ella Faller, from the 1910s-1940s. Jean Kramer, my mom, looks at the album and narrates who the people are and family history, including time in...

Sabra Lumbert and Marion Fulton

One Small Step partners Marion Fulton (89) and Sabra Lumbert (34) discuss their very different backgrounds, their experiences teaching in Asia, and their differing views on abortion

Dorothy Davis and Benjamin Davis

Siblings Dorothy Davis (69) and Benjamin Davis (67) reflect on their time growing up as children of foreign service workers. They discuss the differences between going to school abroad versus in the United States as Black students during the early...

Hilary Coakley and Bradley Baker

In a One Small Step conversation Hilary Coakley (54) and Brad Baker (65) discuss the role religion plays in their lives, politicians they admire, the importance of freedom of opinion, fear of the divisiveness in the United States, and the...

Sydney and Jean’s Interview

This interview was done by Sydney Rose who is 16 and her participant was her mom Jean Rose who is 51. Throughout the interview Jean shared experiences of her life, her thoughts, and overall things that brought to where she...

John "Jack" Toevs Jr., Harriet Weber, and Nancy Warner

Friends and Colleagues, Nancy Warner (70) and Harriet Weber (65), come together to interview their friend, John “Jack” Toevs Jr. (82), about his contributions, experiences, and work in the agriculture and irrigation field. They also talk about the farmland of...