Immigration and its Struggles

A mother, teacher, and nurse talks about her experience immigrating to America from Taiwan.

Emmy Tzuang Immigration

I interviewed my Grandma about her experience of immigration. She migrated from China to Taiwan when she was four. When she graduated from college at age 24 she migrated again to Canada and stayed there for 2 years. She then...

WH Interview

I spoke to Richard Evers about his service experiences and other life stories.

War Stories

My grandfather, Thomas Ciesla, talked about his time serving in the US military during the Vietnam War. He was a lieutenant in a US naval reserve medical core on active duty 1961-1964. He spoke about serving in Vietnam, telling his...

Michael Chou – Great Holiday Listen

This is an interview with one of my grand uncles from Taiwan. In the interview photo, my grand uncle is in the black shirt without a hat and I am in the grey shirt. My brothers are the two in...

A Taiwanese Immigrant

Interviewing my mother, a Taiwanese immigrant, about her first experience in the United States

Changing Times, Similar People

Will talks to grandpa Fred about his life, how he wants people to find their comfort zone in their life, and his hopes for the future of both our family and the world as a whole.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: My Mom’s Taiwanese Heritage

This recording is an interview I did with my mom discussing her Taiwanese heritage and some of the struggles she faced and noticed as a child but also the pride she has in her culture.

Interview with my Mom

When my mother, Alice, immigrated here as a child she didn’t know how to speak English which was hard to make friends because she didn’t speak their language. As my mom grew up her job has caused many bad events...