Mohammad Baig and Robert Stella

Zack Baig: 2023-04-05 18:44:18 Mohammad Baig (16) holds an interview with his grandfather, Robert Stella (87), over his life in the '60s.

Family First.

Family is always first before anything and anyone.

Mary Emeny and Keralee Clay

Keralee Clay (50) interviews her friend and mentor Mary Emeny (77) about Mary's family and their influence on agribusiness and culture in the Amarillo, Texas community.

Spencer Reader with Brian and Maureen Fitzpatrick

Brian Fitzpatrick (70) and wife Maureen (70) discuss family stories with grandson Spencer (21). Going over topics like their youth, their perception on parenthood and what it's like to be a grandparent, this interview is good family fun.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview With Grandpa

An interview with my grandpa about who inspired him most, his childhood, my moms childhood, and my childhood.

Thanksgiving listen with family member 2019

We talked about my grandma's life and her relatives, parents etc. And what kind of things she had to face and the struggles in her life.