Traveling Memories with a Mother and her Son

I (the son) asked my mom about her favorite memories while traveling. We have been to many places together and we just talked about a few.

Seph Itz and Julie Fischer

Julie Fischer [no age given] and her friend (and "preferred catsitter") Seph Itz [no age given] share a conversation about their travels and experiences living in different parts of the world, particularly in the Philippines and Thailand.

talking with my dad

Eddie McKelvey, age 15, son of Thomas McKelvey, age 58. The topics we discussed were my dad’s past regrets, his high school years, his missed opportunities, and greatest memories. I also asked my dad about how he thinks I’m progressing...

Colin Waters and Seph Itz

Friends Colin Waters (55) and Seph Itz [no age given] share a conversation about community and the arts in Marfa, Texas, and elsewhere in the world. They also reflect on the affordability of the area and how to create a...

A chance to reflect

Candidate: Xeng Relationship: Older brother Age: 18 Growing up in a household with 3 brothers and just one sister, was quite awkward. I mean we knew each other, but we never really had the time to bond with each other...

Interview with Uncle Ted (Mr. Edward Holland) about my father, Pearlis Leon “Wash” Washington
December 24, 2022 App Interview

Maythinee Washington interviews her "Uncle Ted" (Edward Wilcox Holland, Jr., Esq), the best friend of her father, Pearlis "Wash" Washington (CMSGT, Air Force) about their friendship: how they met, and their adventures together from Thailand to Hawaii.

Duanne Lafrenz and Erika Fountain

In this Remembrance story, Duanne Lafrenz [no age given] and Erika Fountain (48) reminisce about Jon Carlson with whom they studied and worked, and his influence on the clinic Erika bought from him.

Wanphen McIntosh and Maythinee Washington

Maythinee Washington (41) joins her friend Wanphen McIntosh (76) to remember and share stories about her late mother, Somporn Bhukeaw Foy.

Billie Sherwood-Bakhshi and Serena DeJesus

Serena DeJesus (30) and her mother, Billie Sherwood-Bakhshi (48), share a conversation about Serena's journey towards becoming an MMA fighter and advocate for athletes with autism.

Ann Marshall and Terry Marshall

Spouses Ann Marshall (80) and Terry Marshall (80) talk about their advocacy, PeaceCorps, nuclear waste cleanup, and writing careers, reminisce about their travels, and reflect on their relationship.