Patrick Thomassie and Dory Thomassie

Patrick Thomassie (46) speaks with his mother, Dory Thomassie (71), about her work as an ally for the LGBTQ community and what they’ve both learned from feeling like outsiders in the South.

Dwania Kyles and Diane Bezucha

Dwania Kyles (67) speaks with conversation partner Diane Bezucha (39) about her experience as a member of the the Memphis 13-- the inaugural class of first graders to desegregate schools in Memphis, TN. Dwania reflects on the work of her...

Charlie Garrott and James Phares

Childhood friends Charlie Garrott (63) and James Phares (62) reflect on their time growing up in Jackson, Mississippi during the onset of school desegregation. Charlie and James discuss their experiences at public school in Jackson and remember their integrated youth...

Gloria Pillow and Thomas Pillow

Husband and wife, Gloria Pillow (75) and Thomas Pillow (76), reflect on being a part of the last generation to attend segregated schools in Nashville, Tennessee. They speak fondly of their experience at their all-Black high school, Cameron.

Susan Gardner and Lillian Gardner

Susan Gardner (65) speaks with her mother, Lillian Gardner (98), about their lives in Tennessee during the time of school desegregation. The two discuss the integrated Girl Scout troop they were involved in and experiencing the first year of school...

Howard Jordan and Andrew Jordan

Howard "Louis" Jordan (69) speaks to his son Andrew Jordan (42) about his experience as a teenager in Americus, Georgia during the early years of school desegregation. Louis remembers moments he defied those resistant to integration and reflects on times...

Dwania Kyles and Leandrew Wiggins

Dwania Kyles (67) speaks with friend and fellow member of the Memphis 13 Leandrew Wiggins (68). The two discuss their differing experiences as members of the initial group of Black first graders who integrated Memphis schools during desegregation.

Jeanine Mah and Susan Mah

On August 23, 2016 Jeanine Mah (84) talks with her daughter, Susan Mah (48), about the death of Jeanine's husband/Susan's father from cancer as well as Jeanine's thoughts about her own pending death, which occurred 3 years later. They discuss...

Beyond the Block Ep.2 – 4607 S Malcolm X Blvd

My hometown of South Dallas serves as the basis for my work as an artist. Every location I chose to depict "what it's like to live in the hood" is connected to a friend or family member I questioned about...