Interviewing my mom, April Smith

I interviewed my mother, asking her many questions ranging from politics to opinionated questions.

Feeding America During a Pandemic

Interview between Maribel and Yvette Navarro to discuss Yvette's role at the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, and how the COVID-19 has impacted the food bank.

Interview with my dad

Dad talks with son about his military experience and life experience

Jan (Janma) Carlton Ahnell

Jan Carlton (83) speaks to her step-granddaughter Alyssa Ahnell (17) about having big dreams, love, traveling, cooking, and all the people that she has met along the way. EDIT: Jan wanted to add how her final husband, Warren, went on...

Linda Morgan and Minda Davy

Minda Davy (37) interviews her mother Linda Morgan (60) about her life and the lessons she learned along the way.

Eric Jackson shares childhood memories.

Eric Jackson shares some of his memories from high school, college, and Parenthood.

Talia Eagle talks with her great aunt and uncle Debi and Bruce Philips: Part 1

I talked with my great aunt and uncle about their lives together, starting from their childhoods apart, to their meeting, to their wedding, and then to their lives together in them 1960s. We talked about the sexual liberation movement and...