Noah and Joel Best

The stories of Joel’s childhood and school experience, and of his love life with my mother.

Senior Citizen
December 17, 2017 App Interview

I spoke with my grandma about her life and the different changes she has gone through in her life.

Adult Interview
December 17, 2017 App Interview

I am speaking with my father talking about the different things he misses about being a child and his advice for children growing up.

Adult interview

Nathan talks about his adulthood and how he’s doing so far.

Kevin Cawthon and his experience growing up in trailer parks with four older brothers.

After Kevin Cawthon's parents save up $200 to buy a nice trailer, he moves around Arkansas and Oklahoma with his four older brothers embarking on a dangerous and violent journey through the various poverty stricken communities he called home. In...

Adult interview

I spoke to Lisa Potter about her adulthood and how she feels about it.