Mary Bee talking about learning to cuss as a kid in the 1920’s Temple, TX

Mary Bee talks about how she learned what a curse word was as a child in the 1920’s in Temple, TX


I asked my spouse general life questions.

Learning to Swim in a South China River

A story of a river from my childhood in China and a discussion on what we can do for water in the face of climate change.

Interviewing The Musician

This interview was conducted In my living room, on Wednesday October 18, 2019. I have interviewed my sister, who is also one of our vocalists. We mainly talked about the band, but some questions were a little more personal then...

Cody Pollard: True Crime Assignment

This is a story about a true crime that my roomate experienced when he was a younger child. He remembers this story like it was yesterday due this story literally hitting close or in this case into his own home....

Crimes of the Past

In summer of 2014 sixteen year old high school sophomore from San Antonio went out with friends on a warm Saturday night in July. Before it was all said and done two people were arrested, one was out a months...

StoryCorps Interview – Daniel Hernandez

An experience with a true crime that left a significant impact on the interviewee’s life